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And so it begins. Run USB to the ChimpSMD | by vanRijn
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And so it begins. Run USB to the ChimpSMD

The first step is to get a USB connection plugged into the ChimpSMD.


What I did was to de-solder the USB connection from the original MadCatz PCB and connect it directly to the ChimpSMD. One note here... there are actually 5 wires connected from the USB wire to the MadCatz PCB: red (power or VCC), white and green (USB data), thin black (common ground for the fight stick), and thick black. The thick black wire is actually the shield ground wire and I've read that it can either be cut away completely or joined to the common ground. I opted to solder it together with the thin black wire and plug that in to the common ground connection on the ChimpSMD.


Now, if I had this to do over again, I would definitely have planned ahead and bought a long USB cable from and would have plugged it into the USB port on the ChimpSMD. I would have left the USB connection as it was on the MadCatz PCB and would have just run this original USB cord, as is, from the MadCatz PCB to the ChimpSMD. That would have been LOTS easier, especially since I was using stranded wire for my work.

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Taken on July 31, 2012