Burn Sunset

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    The smoke from this fire had all kinds of interesting aromas, between the pine needles, sweet fern, little blueberry plants, punky rotted pine logs, etc. It was almost like flavored pipe tobacco at times.

    We had quite a long day at this site, finally putting out the last smoulders after dark by headlamp.

    1. John Baird 115 months ago | reply

      Wow, beautiful photo Ross!

    2. John Baird 115 months ago | reply

      "Very beautiful!" (Ami)

    3. jonwilli 115 months ago | reply

      Rossta you're killing me! Where is this? Dude, I'll be back in a couple weeks and there better be some of this left!

    4. Voxphoto 115 months ago | reply

      Near Grayling. Get your bad self back here! Mindy has another day of this lined up, two more sites around there.

    5. small fry 115 months ago | reply

      Stunning image and an evocative description of the smells. Wish I was there! As a child in Sydney I grew up aware of the danger and power of bushfires - eucalyptus trees carry fires effectively through the canopy - but I'm always thrilled and awed by the power of fires. And there's that amazing point when all the blackness starts to sprout green again.
      The pyro in me would love to do your job, but the rest of me would be suffering that prickly sweat of fear in case it got out of control. Looks like I'll stick to my desk job.

    6. earthwindsky 114 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot Ross! Do the Daves have a copy?

    7. Voxphoto 114 months ago | reply

      I think David M saw this.... but who are you? JT? KR? SG?

    8. Orangehouse 110 months ago | reply

      Beautiful picture!

    9. moments USA 106 months ago | reply

      Great shot :o)

    10. farlane 106 months ago | reply

      Hello. I have put a small version of this photo on The Upside of Forest Fires on Absolute Michigan. I hope that squares with your intent by licensing it under the Creative Commons.

    11. dfg photography 82 months ago | reply

      Fantastic capture!

    12. mountainsea colors 69 months ago | reply

      muy buena, pero da pena el bosque en llamas

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