Tupperware Two

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    For those who've missed seeing it in action, here's the second, larger version of the tupperware flash. This one is a little larger than the original, so the light is even softer, although at 8" across it's obviously not as easy to pack along.

    The inside of the pink part is sprayed with silver paint. Then I cut a rectangular hole in the bottom, folded back two flaps, and used electrical tape around them to hold a cheapie Hanimex flash in place. The diffuser cuts a couple of stops off the light output, but with faster film I haven't had a problem.

    Sample photos lit using tupperware here.

    Update: Blogged at MAKE! I wondered why the viewcount was going crazy...

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    1. Voxphoto 100 months ago | reply

      I'm sure that would work fine too. Light bounces around in there enough that there aren't any hot spots though.

    2. Images of Elbows 100 months ago | reply

      That's awesome, I'd like to learn more tricks like this. Photography equipment, as I quickly discovered is not cheap...but I'm no fashion plate, I'll use whatever works!

    3. Camera.Ed 100 months ago | reply

      Ha! I knew from the thumbnail what you were up to. This is awesome... I'm got to build me one. Thanks for the post.

    4. Joey Harrison 100 months ago | reply

      You just need a thick wand attached to it so you can hold it up like a scepter. A tupperware crown would complete the look.

    5. anikarenina 100 months ago | reply

      Was that the one you had with you last night? You and your clever Tupperware contrivances...

    6. Andy_Tanguay 100 months ago | reply

      Tasty hack Ross

    7. willster 100 months ago | reply

      So ingenious, that's inspired. I knew tupperware had a use for something.

    8. erik_found [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I'd say you just made that tupperware really happy. Way better than holding egg salad!

    9. sketchySteven 100 months ago | reply

      You need this on a pole, too.

    10. Contrails 100 months ago | reply


      Made some thin strip-light (softboxes) from foam core/gator board and attached them to Speedotron 102 flash heads for using in the studio. Great for shooting wine/liquor bottles when you needed a thin but diffused light source.
      Think Chimera banks were too pricy back then when we used to shoot film.

    11. bricolage.108 100 months ago | reply

      Not only it's smart, but it's pretty too. Love the results.

    12. CARMON rinehart 99 months ago | reply

      Love the low-fi perfection!
      I have plenty of "hi-fi" photo and lighting gear,
      but the old, rough hewn, and improvised stuff is my favorite.
      Nicely done!

    13. -Nat 99 months ago | reply

      Great idea. I guess Mom isn't getting her tupperware back now.

    14. konstriktion 91 months ago | reply


      I wonder: does the flash face straight into the lid? Or is it "angled" into the bowl side?

    15. Voxphoto 91 months ago | reply

      Thanks--the flashtube aims straight at that little bullseye you can see on the white lid. But light bounces around in there so thoroughly that I don't think it's at all critical.

    16. polaco2007 89 months ago | reply

      !!!!!!!!!!FELICITACIONES altamente ingenioso!!!!

    17. cochinilha 89 months ago | reply

      Fantastatic! I would be pleased to have this photo in a tupperware photo poll (called taparuere group), would you too? cat.

    18. maccumaccu 85 months ago | reply


    19. Monika Clarke 51 months ago | reply

      so creative! I'm gonna steal that ;-)

    20. Voxphoto 51 months ago | reply

      Have at it! I once did a blog post with some additional details.

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