Vaginettes is one of my oldest (1999) pink pieces - it is a set of 18 digital filigrees in small size (20 x 20 cm). I am as most heterosexual men follower of the Pink Oyster Cult. We are all voyeurs, mesmerized by the mysterious pink orchid. I was interested in creating the image which lays between spheres of religion and science - both in they essence located far away from sensuality and both at the same time having strong sensual potential in they iconography. As for direct formal influence I could mention spirograph drawings and playing cards reverses that always fascinated me because of they delicate beauty.

Exhibited at: Erogena - Museo de Arte Carillo Gil, Mexico DF, 2000 / Stedelijk Museum voor Actuelle Kunst, Gent 2000); Scena 2000 - CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2000; Baltic Arte Biennale - National Museum, Szczecin, 2001; Pink Not Dead! - Garash Galeria, Mexico DF, 2006; CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2006; L.H.O.O.Q - Galeria Piekary, Poznan, 2006

Digital Graphic, 1999
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