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Canal Chioggia (The sinking town) | by Alessandro Voltolina
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Canal Chioggia (The sinking town)

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Una delle maree più alte di sempre ( la quarta da 135 anni ad oggi!) 156cm!!!


the term “acqua alta” (which means “high water”) it means that a part of the city is submersed under water at high tide. This phenomenon happens mostly in the winter and is well-known by Venetians and tourists who have been lucky enough to experience it. Unfortunately is gets blown out of proportion by the media and those who have never been to

Venice. Often you read that “acqua alta” happens at least 40 days during the year, but as the citizens know the is acqua alta and ACQUA ALTA. This flooding depends on the high tides and measurements of the water level in centimeters. Below 80 cm, there is no danger of aqua alta. At 100 cm many think you can only get around by swimming, but really less than 4% of the city’s streets are invaded by a few centimeters of water, and it causes minimal problems. The sirens that announce the acqua alta 3-4 hours before its arrival sound only if the predicted level is above 110 cm (12% of the city’s streets would be covered). The raised walkways around the city are provided to guarantee the ability to walk in the major streets up until 120 cm (35% of the city streets would be flooded).


Only above 130 cm (70% of the city would be flooded) does one begin to feel the problems of flooding and at 140cm (90% flooding) is it considered an emergency. This happens rarely, about twice every three years.


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Taken on December 1, 2008