015 - A moment of weakness

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    Thank you people, I'm doing it further.

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    1. iwolkow.de 52 months ago | reply

      Strobist: A snooted Canon 540ez behind subject at camera left, a Canon 430exII into shoot umbrella at camera left, silver reflector on camera right (not sure it worked), triggered with rf 602s.

    2. -=Omi=- 52 months ago | reply

      Sorry to see you go mate...you know, even a phone pic upload during the exams will be enough. Then you can carry on :)

    3. ShutterBug1997. 52 months ago | reply

      I hear you with that picture and totally understand.

    4. `Mark&Manna Photography 52 months ago | reply

      I never had you figured for a quitter...
      It's way easier to make an excuse than it is to finish what you barely started,huh?
      Ain't you the guy that started that " Who's doing a 365" thread in Strobist.com on Flickr?
      It IS you!

      Dude....Finish the project. Do it. Be a winner. You don't have to shoot a masterpiece every day. On busy days, just a simple "arms' length" shot to fulfill the requirements is good enough.
      Don't be such a critic of yourself,and don't begin being a quitter!
      You're barely out of the gate on this.

    5. bjoybalagtas 52 months ago | reply

      this is you against you...
      you have do decide to go on with it. the whole point of the project is commitment.
      commitmenty to shoot...
      commitment to stay on the project...
      commitment to make a better photo everytime...
      commitment to just even try...

      are you going to give up on yourself on this?

      I love this photo by the way... it really speaks.

    6. moongipsies [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

      just my opinion... I went thru your photos for the 365 project. I think they are very good. I also think that the ones you commented on .. saying "nothing exciting..." or " no time for creativity".. are actually the shots I like the most. Raw... real... day to day living.

      I would encourage you to re-think quitting. I look forward to your stuff.

    7. jmtosses 52 months ago | reply

      those 365 projects never really interested me too much and I never thought them to be important. but if I was ever to start one, I'd be seeing it through to the bitter end - and so should you!

      I had my fair share of procrastination and other "good reasons" not to finish a project but seriously - your exams are keeping you from taking a photo of yourself every day? get real! usually it's the other way around, man! even if you just made a 21 series of yourself studying that would be easily set up within your 365 project, ... and would be enough, wouldn't it?

      you started this, finish the job - it's great, you already did your first 15 ... that's more many do. you will be super-proud in about 350 days, when you take your final shot, already pondering your next projects - being afraid of "the time after the project" and "the void" ;)

      go ivan! go ivan!

    8. iwolkow.de 52 months ago | reply

      omg)) I didn't expect so much motivation in the comments.
      And you know what - it worked. No quitting. I will be a man, I'll keep my word and walk further this thorny path. Lol)
      Thanks guys, I think I needed that))

    9. Nameless_One 52 months ago | reply

      А почему именно 365? Типа год неудачный?

    10. iwolkow.de 52 months ago | reply

      Нет, 365 потому что проект называется 365 (по картинке в день), а я думал его бросить на 15м дне.

    11. © Sara Cuesta 39 months ago | reply

      We all have moments of weakness. Go on and not give up!

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