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Sunny Sunday Self-Portrait :)

If you have a pear shaped body, you should not wear pear colored clothes, or act juicy.

(Demetri Martin)


I honestly don't mind being slightly pear shaped; and I love wearing coloured clothes...! About acting 'juicy'.... no idea!!! But since English is not my 1st language, I simply pretend I have no idea what this bit means.... :)


I don't mind being occasionally looked down at or laughed at either, as long I can make those unhappy people who look down at others, smile or laugh.

I don't even mind being blemished - as are those pears.... - because it's still better to be a blemished pear-shaped goddess than a perfectly unwrinkled and unblemished hollow 'crap' :) apple....


Presently, I am more colourful, battered and blemished than ever! Back from a small surgery op, I am all black, blue, green, brown - and more than just a little blemished.... Which made me think of my pears in the veranda (You see, the circle is closing....) - I bought those fruits in perfect yellow and red on Wednesday and by Thursday the skin of at least half of them had already turned to a vivid brown....

Eeeeekh - I thought, but going to hospital, this wasn't my first worry!

Yesterday, back from hospital, I took a closer look and started cutting them in slices for a pear-compote with cinnamon and anise seeds. And guess what: THEY WERE absolutely PERFECT under the brown skin and the compote was HEAVENLY!!!!


And so I assume that under my multi-coloured-not-very-pretty-skin I can still be - well - not perfect, surely not, but - let's say - pretty OK-ish!


Happy SCARLET SUNDAY in any colour of the rainbow to all of you!


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