Seeing the garden in rainbow clouds

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    I know that if odour were visible, as colour is,
    I'd see the summer garden in rainbow clouds.
    Robert Bridges

    HBW! :)

    Sigh: …another autumnal capture from my garden. It's not that I wouldn't have plenty to do in it and which doesn't include the words TAKING PICTURES.... It's more about the fact that I have to throw my tools in the grass, run into the house and compulsory HAVE to get my camera out because I MUST share this glory with you.... Sorry, if it gets too much sometimes - winter however will be on us soon enough!

    If you're getting dizzy.... not to worry! It HAS to be like this... :)
    On EXPLORE: - I am overwhelmed..... My 'view without glasses....' made it so high up.... Do you think it's because we all prefer to see the world in a blur sometimes?!!! :)))

    Personally, I usually don't want to take too much colour to my Flickr page (that is, manmade colours) but this looked in its natural state just simply too banal in it's thumbsize glory, which says - sadly - something about the 'attraction' of only STRONG statements on Flickr, BUT, I add the original here for your consideration in the comments box. Hope this is alright with you - but you have the right to tell me off (or praise me….) - as always!

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    1. @ires 97 months ago | reply

      ahhh, i love the untouched original as it is a little more ethereal and seemingly fleeting, like all rainbows!!! what a lovely, lovely sight!!!

      I think your picture is simply BokehLicious!

      Please add it to:

    2. jgfidel [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      Golden bokeh

    3. teresa~ 97 months ago | reply


    4. Cara Fox Photography 97 months ago | reply

      Excellent bokeh! Beautiful!

    5. @ires 97 months ago | reply

      ; )) so nice to see again!

      Seen at In Fine Style

    6. Shakti Womyn 97 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Colour Mafia (Post 1, Comment 1) Group Icon Contest!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. greta colpaert 97 months ago | reply

      just what I needed on a crazy monday morning
      Drove my other half to a laboratory to have his age checked
      We did not know anymore
      and then "taxied" (like Ryanair) him to the office
      Then I dove(dived) into my local coffee bar to have
      a cappucino with a succo di mirtillo and a croissant
      The succo di mirtillo is supposed to improve my
      Or at least that's what they made me believe
      and then I took the plane to flickr country
      and here I am landing with a considerable delay
      on this painting
      Serais-tu de la famille de
      Edouard M., de Claude M.,de Pierre-Auguste R ?
      Non tu me fais penser à celle dont on
      parle et écrit nettement moins :
      Berthe Morisot

      pour ce tableau
      And have a fabbi dabbi week
      un bacio da Roma

    8. greta colpaert 97 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called MuLti MeGa ShOt {Invitation Only}, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    9. greta colpaert 97 months ago | reply

      et puis
      au dessus de ma petite TETE
      la couleur M....... Mppppppppppffffffffffftttttttt

      That is a word we
      are not supposed to pronounce
      only after midnight under
      a thick pile
      of blankets
      the neighbours
      should not hear this

      je m' en vais
      et puis tu ne diras cela à personne

      le mot Emme !
      grazie mille

    10. shelley04 97 months ago | reply

      Let's just keep it in there! It's like Monet's garden. So so lovely!

    11. ♥D 97 months ago | reply

      A pure delight. Love this raining monet rainbow, dear. All-time fav.

    12. .. ... ... 96 months ago | reply

      Quel beau bouquet de couleurs ..... c'est un régal pour les yeux ......;))

    13. shantaya ~ dannie 96 months ago | reply

      This is just beautiful, and I couldn't possible decide which I prefer. They both are lovely, but tell completely different stories...

    14. pitysing 93 months ago | reply

      I'm pretending this is what I see through te snowflakes falling here at the moment (imagination workout). The version you posted says spring to me, so I'm happy you bumped up the know I've been longing for spring for at least a week!

      But...we haven't had a REALLY good snow here all winter. This year, all we've really had is snow starting and working into freezing rain, which leaves it nearly impossible to leave the house. So...I don't really want winter to be over 'till just ONE good snow...maybe 6" or 12"!

      Thank you for this beauty!

    15. luvpublishing 86 months ago | reply

      The blurred focus works perfectly on this lovely image. (Great quote!) I haven't been able to find the right image to use that technique on, but it's so lovely here because it does make your garden look like a rainbow!

    16. Vol-au-Vent 29 months ago | reply

      June 12, 2014:
      If you wish to use this as a free texture, please contact me and I mail you a copy to your email address.

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