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Seeing the garden in rainbow clouds



I know that if odour were visible, as colour is,

I'd see the summer garden in rainbow clouds.

Robert Bridges


HBW! :)


Sigh: …another autumnal capture from my garden. It's not that I wouldn't have plenty to do in it and which doesn't include the words TAKING PICTURES.... It's more about the fact that I have to throw my tools in the grass, run into the house and compulsory HAVE to get my camera out because I MUST share this glory with you.... Sorry, if it gets too much sometimes - winter however will be on us soon enough!


If you're getting dizzy.... not to worry! It HAS to be like this... :)

On EXPLORE: - I am overwhelmed..... My 'view without glasses....' made it so high up.... Do you think it's because we all prefer to see the world in a blur sometimes?!!! :)))


Personally, I usually don't want to take too much colour to my Flickr page (that is, manmade colours) but this looked in its natural state just simply too banal in it's thumbsize glory, which says - sadly - something about the 'attraction' of only STRONG statements on Flickr, BUT, I add the original here for your consideration in the comments box. Hope this is alright with you - but you have the right to tell me off (or praise me….) - as always!


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Taken on October 20, 2008