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Daisuke MN-X1 | by Tómmy
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Daisuke MN-X1

The Daisuke I was a first generation mobile Kampfer, created and issued by the Outer Colonial Collective during the Second Colony War. The need for a standard, Collective Kampfer was realized 6 months before the start of the Second Colony War. Takashi Itou, a brilliant scientist and his team, utilized beam technology studies and created a stable particle source which could produce much higher energy output levels. In order to use this advantage, Great Japan ordered that a standard issue mobile Kampfer should be created, utilizing this new "Itou particle". After 3 short months, the Kampfer was ready for prototyping, and during this phase, it gained much fame for it's reliability and ability to adapt to the pilot. Toward the beginning of the Second Colony War, Daisuke I's fought in formations of 8, which would break-away and begin combat. This unique combat system forged a model for Mobile suit combat for the next few generations.




Well, here it finally is, can't say it didn't take me long enough, but I am quite happy with the end result. The Daisuke I is fully poseable, and it fits an entire fig.


More microspace on the way as well. :)


A huge thanks to Fernald and Jared, Fernald edited this, and Jared guided me through the long building process.

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Taken on November 25, 2011