There was a small arts & cultural festival on Governors Island the day I happened to make a trip out there in 2007, and I'm insanely glad I went. Like a mini Burning Man fest, there were artists, dancers, costumes, live music, those medieval SCA fellows, and a handful of other people to whom I turned my head in mild eyebrow-raising appreciation. I'll be looking for more events like this.

Return trips in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011!

Four years later, I've made the trip each season. There are now so many events and exhibits that I have to plan what to see if I only go for one day. The music has stepped up a few notches. The exhibits and installations are more amazing than ever. The dancers and costumes are also changing every year. And I also have to give cred to the parks people for making the island more and more available to the public and artists.
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