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Hate & Anger | by Pro-Zak
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Hate & Anger

The emotions of Hate and Anger aren't always partnered. I think they are often successive, but to say that they go hand-in-hand isn't necessarily true.


To hate something, you go beyond simply disliking it; you have a passion against the damned thing(s). I dislike stubbing my toe on my desk, but I hate bumping my head inside my machines at work. Similar actions, similar pain levels, different levels of emotional reaction. There can be various degrees of hate based on vengeance, intolerance, fears, etc. ... but it's a negative passion all the same. I hate vomiting and hangovers. I hate not being in control of my mind and emotions. I kind of hate American ketchup. These things are more than nuisances: I detest them. Hate is one of those words I don't like to misuse. I am comfortable knowing that I have never hated another person.


Anger, though ... ugh. I have issues with this motherfucker. Anger is the emotion you experience when you feel that you've been wronged by something/someone. It's when you cannot simply work a problem through. Issues are unresolved and they bother you to such a level that the displeasure creates an emotion of rage or fury. Again, there are so many levels of this. I can be irritated when I can't solve a puzzle, or when I scorch the bacon. Or I can get angry when treated poorly, or when the subway is 45 minutes delayed and I have to listen to some clown screaming into my ear about Jesus and crack-addiction. Some of these things are transient. Tomorrow there will be new bacon and a quiet express train. But some things don't go away: recurring distastes, emotions, memories, that local fire engine which makes it's nightly rounds a half hour after I go to bed. What makes that anger go away? Why do I choose to blow off that incident at work with my boss after only a few hours, but toss and turn all night over other affronts? What happens when you're stuck with your anger? Yoda knew.

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Taken on August 15, 2012