VME:LA Army vs. Navy
Thank you to everyone who came out and supported VME for the 1st Annual Army v. Navy event held at the State Social House in Los Angeles CA.

The VME watch party of the biggest football rivalry of the year, featured some incredible guests including:

• Tom DeSanto (producer, Transformers, X-Men)
• Dara Weintraub (producer, Love, Superbad)
• David Greenwalt (executive producer, Grimm, Buffy, Angel)
• Rob Hanning (co-exec. producer, Hawaii Five-O, Castle)
• TJ Brady (writer/producer, Narcos, Shooter)
• Dara Resnik (writer/producer, Castle,Shooter)
• James Fino (producer, Rick & Morty, executive producer, Amonalisa)
• Jon Huertas (actor, This is Us, Castle, Generation Kill)
• Michael Trucco (actor, Battlestar Galactica Disjointed)
• A.J.Buckley (actor, Seal Team, director Ghostfacers)
• Judd Lormand (actor, Seal Team, Treme)
• Tyler Grey (producer, Seal Team)
• Warren Lewis (screenwriter, 13th Warrior)
• Michael Nankin (director/writer, Van Helsing, Hell on Wheels)
• Mike Smith (director, 2nd Unit Director of Patriot Games, Night Crawler)

We are grateful to all who donated, all who volunteered, all who came out, supported, cheered, booed, drank, and networked at this event. We are so thankful to have such incredible members.

Look for coverage in Military.com, ABC LA, and other media outlets we will announce soon.

Thank you all for your support!
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