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[.Nightmares.] “No artist tolerates reality.” ~Nietzsche

Sometimes you have nightmares,

and when you wake up,

you realize they were real.


I don't know how I got to this, yesterday I spent most day putting together this look and then was going to take some shots, the holster and dreads are something i had wanted for quite a while, and i'm surprised they fit, but again, this was just an urban picture, I made a few poses and wanted to do soemthing, but then, idk, somehow, halfway there I was reminded of another quote but then I remembered the HP books, and well, I'm actually not sure what was next in events, but this was the result.


Close up on the comments and another pic or two coming up soonish, I do think the look is pretty badass, and i still have another pose with the original idea i had, also, whenever i figure out marketplace i'll put these poses there, in case anyone wants them, and the other 3 i made, prob for cheaps since i don't even know if they would fit anyone else.




edit: gawd i had something else to say but it'll go on the next pic this is already huge =/ (no that's not what she said... or maybe)


edit2: Can you tell me how many shadows there are?

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Taken on June 26, 2012