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The brick wall (free wallpaper)

This picture is licensed under a Creative Commons License. If you want to use the image you have to give credits to viZZZual.com ("photo by viZZZual.com" and set a link back to viZZZual.com and/or to this image at Flickr).


viZZZual.com is written with THREE Z --> ZZZ !!!


Please leave a comment if you like and/or used the brick wall image.


Click HERE for the FULL SIZE version.




You are free to use this picture as a wallpaper on your desktop. The original file uploaded here in Flickr is 1600x1200. So it should be big enough to fit most users screen resolutions. It's no problem, if your screen resolution is lower than this. Windows for example resizes the image automatically.


Read the story of the free wallpaper at vizzzual.com!

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Taken on January 28, 2008