fukushima blacksmoke from south

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    black smoke still rising with no clear explanation as of yet,one thing is for sure, it emanates from #3, with the lower melting point MOX fuel...

    1. naturalflow 49 months ago | reply

      Highly radioactive water leak

      The recent discovery of highly radioactive water in maintenance tunnels and reactor basements has quashed optimism in Japan that TEPCO might be on the verge of winning its nuclear battle.

      On Wednesday, Japanese nuclear safety officials said that a sample of seawater taken some 300 yards from a plant wastewater outlet contained over 3,000 times the legal limit of radioactive iodine.

      That suggests that the radioactive water found previously is now making its way into the ocean.

      US officials believe that the radioactive water was an inevitable side effect of Japan’s “feed and bleed” approach to cooling Fukushima nuclear reactors.

      This method has involved pouring hundreds of tons of water onto the reactors via fire hoses and helicopter drops, in an attempt to prevent nuclear fuel rods from melting down.

      This water is leaking out and finding its way into structures and soil near the reactor units.

      “The exact flow path of that leakage has not been determined, but it’s a result of the water that they’ve been injecting since shortly after the onset of the event,” said Bill Borchardt, executive director for operations at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), at Tuesday’s Senate hearing.

      Possible reactor damage

      The NRC believes that Fukushima Daiichi reactor units 1, 2, and 3 have experienced partial fuel damage due to overheating. Ominously, units 2 and 3 appear to have “some primary containment damage,” said Mr. Borchardt.

      In other words, they have been breached in some way and are leaking radioactivity.

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