Pause / Play solo exhibition
Pause / Play - solo exhibition at The Project Space, Westgate Studios, part of the Index Festival Open Studios 2019

Vivid freehand oil paintings convey the twitching dazzle of expressive faces captured from paused TV screens. In the Project Space, viewers encounter a grid of paintings in which their eyes can wander at leisure and play with fresh narratives: conflicts, romances and relationships hinted at in the arrangement of images.

This was an epic seven years in the making, utilizing paintings from several different image cycles. I took the rare opportunity to display paintings as intended: a wall reminiscent of a cinema screen or video wall, keeping the rest of the gallery space bare to focus the viewers attention in the same way that cinema does. The grid has no centre painting, due to the even number displayed, so that the eye cannot settle, but instead follows the rivers of colour and dark that are created by the abrupt joins where one painting butts directly against another. In this way I made them jostle for our attention in the familiar pattern of a busy social media feed or ubiquitous billboard advertisements.
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