• Egs with pfeffer.
  • Scjuk
  • Salads.
  • Sharboot from datles.
  • Cheese & olives.
  • Tamija.
  • Fuul
  • Pieces of chicken.
  • Sheiija from beef.
  • smal scjuk.
  • What we have here for iftar? - Engineer J


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Traditional Sudanese food at Ramadan.
Everyone is welcome!

(I sending this image to some groups again,because I think for this days is very suitaible)

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  1. Hoffmann 97 months ago

    Interesting photo. Thanks for the explanations.

  2. MiaRossy 97 months ago

    that looks really yummy :-)

  3. Engineer J 97 months ago

    Very nice. All things are really good, salad and sharbat as well. But i cant see Dates? So, did u took any pictures at Eid-ul-Fitr as well?

  4. Vít Hassan 97 months ago

    @Engr.M J Rashid:Yes,I took,but until now I did'nt develop the negativ...

  5. Dr. Nidhi Marathe [deleted] 97 months ago

    I'm sure, it's tasty.

  6. sterestherster 95 months ago

    That looks delicious!!

  7. Piulet 92 months ago


    (Love Photography)

  8. David Wilmot 92 months ago

    Good work with the notes - looks tasty

  9. Engineer J 92 months ago

    Many greetings as the month of ramadan comes again (today).

  10. myjuditz ( on Hubble ) 92 months ago

    Oh my, I would like to taste everything - seems to be delicious!!
    Wonderful traditional moment in this photo - thanks for sharing!

    (gallery & instructions)

  11. datenhamster.org 92 months ago

    looks good and makes me hungry
    Love Photography

  12. Zana Khan 92 months ago

    Beautiful although I've never tasted Sudanese cuisine before.
    Happy Ramadan!

  13. najlaa. 80 months ago

    Wonderful, I wish taste all of this. Can you explain me the recipe?

  14. Egy Sioux 72 months ago

    looks so sweet , same to the egyptian food .

  15. Yasir Alhassan 70 months ago

    Wow I want that ( sharboot ) ..I didnt drink it for years .
    Congratulations .

  16. Yasir Alhassan 70 months ago

    Let us sit down now ... , or After Maghrib prayer ?

  17. حسام بشار الخضر Hussam Al Khoder 68 months ago

    I love this photo a lot. It's Superb composition with colors.

    The photo is very pleasant in the overall.

    Welcome Ramadan... The month of fasting.

  18. myjuditz ( on Hubble ) 56 months ago

    Vit, Sharboot is not a drink, is it ?
    It might be something we call here "sherbet ", if it's sweet
    and not a drink.

  19. Ameer Hamza 33 months ago

    seen at flickr blog today.

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