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Yosemite Falls

Austin Photographer John R. Rogers shot this photograph. Check out the website JohnRRogers.com for more information & please make a comment .


I have been going through a bunch of my old photos and ran across this photograph that I took back in 2005 with my first digital camera. It was a 3 megapixel Canon point & shoot. When I first 'discovered' the old image I liked the photograph, but was a bit concerned with it's lack of resolution. Then I had the thought of "Well, let's take it into Topaz Adjust and smooth it out a bit". Of course, it still does not have a lot of detail, (actually even less than before) but with the painterly effect, you don't really need the detail and you end up with what I would consider a very pleasing photograph. Your thoughts?


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Taken on October 1, 2012