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Fire Alarm. | by VisualEchos
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Fire Alarm.

So I'm out earlier this evening taking some traffic shots when I hear sirens in the distance. Though I'm set-up in the middle of the street (as per usual), I pay little mind because nothing around me seems to be on fire. I turn my attention back to my remote-release, and click off another 30-second exposure. Within that time I hear what sounds like a full-on fleet of fire-trucks headed my way. They get closer and closer, and eventually turn down the very short street I'm on. The camera is still exposing at this point, I'm in the middle of the road, my toy-sized Exige is not as close to the curb as it should be with house-sized vehicle driving by, and all Hell is apparently breaking loose somewhere close. I reach for my gear but the first truck is already around me. A split-second before my hand grabs the tripod I hear the exposure stop, so I grab my kit and bolt for the curb as the second truck passes, my heart racing. Note to self: when you hear sirens, even if they sound far off in the distance, get the Hell out of the street!

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Taken on September 4, 2011