This is a project that screams Visual Concepts. The Stargate theater is a perfect example of what we do, themed theaters… This was a “blueprinted job” in a new construction house. We finally found a client with a great imagination, and we ran with every idea we could dream up!

The theater’s dominating feature is a replica of the Stargate, from the TV show Stargate Atlantis. The entire ring was made in house with our C&C router. It was painted in house, disassembled, shipped to Louisville, and installed.

The ring serves as the screen surface. Acoustically transparent cloth covers 3 Atlantic Tech inwalls, and a Polk Audio in wall subwoofer. When the theater is off, a second projector throws the Stargate ‘water’ image. It couldn’t look any more real!

The door is another special feature of the theater. We built two Stargate replica pocket doors. The doors are completed automated with pneumatic rams and motion sensors. Wave your hand in front of the Stargate logo, and the doors open with a swoosh of air!

Custom built 4” fiberglass sound panels were provided by The Sound Answer. They too are replicas from the TV show. They are truly functional sound panels, with indirect lighting added. They serve a purpose, but also add a strong element to the décor’. The lighting control behind the panels is fully controllable from the remote.

The final décor’ option added was a Numinus Stardome. We wanted to build this in house, but decided we just couldn’t do it any better than Numinus! This thing is fully tricked out with fiber optics, dimmers, sunsets, and shooting stars. You can stare at the ceiling all night!

The theater is controlled by Control4. The 10” touch screen theater remote can control the entire house. Everything from cameras to music can be displayed on screen. The client’s entire 800+ disc DVD collection is organized on screen. All the lighting in the theater, house lighting, music, HVAC, cameras, is controlled through this one simple to use system. Even the pneumatic Stargate doors are controlled with the remote…
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