Possom Trot by Calvin and Ruby Black – Yermo, CA
Possum Trot, Yermo (Circa 1953–72)
by Calvin Black (1903–72) and Ruby Black (Circa 1915–80)

Begun by Calvin and Ruby Black in 1954, Possum Trot was a makeshift tourist attraction in Calico, a town in the Mojave Desert near Yermo, California. The site included a rock shop and the Bird Cage Theater, where the Blacks performed using over 80 life-size puppet-dolls they created, each with its own personality and costume. Calvin was an accomplished ventriloquist who sang and provided diverse voices for the puppets. The site included several rustic Ghost Town buildings and sculptural attractions, such as a wind-driven merry-go-round.

Possum Trot was eventually abandoned, and the puppet-dolls were eventually acquired by folk art collectors. The installation no longer exists.

A film, Possum Trot: The Life and Work of Calvin Black can be seen on line: www.folkstreams.net/film.
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