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Happy cowboy moments

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The villagers who live in the Bolaven Plateau are largely self-sufficient, growing rice, fruit and vegetables, coffee and raising water buffalo, pigs, chickens, and cows. This surrounding it is very peaceful, scenic and no other tourists to be found. In Laos more than 60-80% of the families raise a few sows for food purpose. The pigs are often held on a free-range basis and are destined to find most of their food on their own, but they are also fed by-products from crop production. A great place to explore some of the lesser-known areas of the southern region of Laos.


During our trekking to the Tad Yuang waterfall we met this little cowboy taking care of his cattle. A big smile when I took this photo. What a beautiful journey.


Its delightful old world charm has not been despoiled by the slow but steady pace of modernization. Happy cows grazing and swinging their tails. Happy cows come from Laos. The main cattle breed in Laos is related to the Chinese Yellow cattle. It is well adapted to the environment and conditions on small-holder farms. This southerly province is hidden gem in Laos. Well off the beaten path and generally not heavily visited by tourists, those who make their way down here are never disappointed. Explore the Dong Hua Sao National Protected Area’s dense forests and waterfalls. View the local way of life and enjoy a relaxing evening at the Tad Fane waterfall. There is much to do for the outdoors type of traveler.


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Taken on July 18, 2009