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Endearing little boy is so camera shy

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Of all the places we've visited, Laos probably wins the award for Friendliest Country. Despite Laos poverty and isolation, its people were some of the kindest and most outgoing we've ever met. We were on our way to Salavan also Saravane which means one million days. A number of kids played along the road and greeted us. We enjoyed the natural surroundings exploring by local bus. Salavan spreads over a beautiful forest in the Bolaven Plateau. At this elevated area you can soak up the fresh climate and the friendly atmosphere. Bolaven Plateau greatly suffered during the Vietnam War. The Bolaven Plateau was one of the most heavily bombed theatres of the Second Indochina War. Laos has remained virtually unchanged for half a century. Rich in history and culture, Laos and its peoples, more than 47 ethnic groups, harmonize life to ancient rhythms and traditions that evoke timeless Asia. Although the trappings of the modern world are becoming increasingly visible, Laos remains the least developed country in Southeast Asia. A country where experienced travelers will appreciate breathtaking scenery and ofcourse the friendly people.


This snapshot was taken at the riverbank of the Sexet river. This boy was too shy to watch into my camera. Such a sweet smile. But the boy behind him was even more shy. From the little village Kieng Than Lei at Tadlo waterfalls we took a bus trip to Salavan. The scenery was very good, the plateau is crossed by several rivers and has many scenic waterfalls. The scenery got even better the further East we went, rolling high hills and scattered farms and villages. Salavan province is home to the Phu Xieng Thong National Biodiversity Conservation Area, covering nearly 1,000 sq km in the western part of the province next to the Mekong river. It is thought that asiatic black bear, banteng, clouded leopard, Douc langur, elephant, gibbon, guar, Siamese crocodile and tiger and inhabit this area. A great place to explore some of the lesser-known areas of the southern region of Laos. A province to meet the friendly Lao people despite their poverty and isolation.


Laos is een prachtig land met ongerepte natuur, exotische dieren en vriendelijke mensen. Het land is een arm land, met nog onbedorven wildernis en een bevolking van 5,5 miljoen mensen. In Laos zijn zo'n twintig natuurgebieden die door de overheid zijn aangewezen als National Protected Area. Door deze bescherming wordt het unieke landschap en de flora en fauna zoveel mogelijk behouden De gebieden bestaan uit tropische regenwouden, kalkstenen rotsformaties, inheemse flora en fauna en andere wildlife. Zeker voor de avontuurlijke reiziger herbergt dit land een grote hoeveelheid aan onontdekte natuurschatten, vriendelijke mensen en een gevoel dat veel nog puur is.

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Taken on July 16, 2009