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Heavy snowfall hits Amsterdam. Winter arrived in the Netherlands. It snowed continuously in Amsterdam for over 3 hours and other parts of the country. It was sticky snow so lots of snowmen and beautiful trees coated in snow! The children and adults were all out playing in the snow most of the afternoon and the street. Besides the joy there was irritation. The whole ring highway of 32km were totally jammed during rush hour. All cars were driving slowly step by step. Most cars don't even have winter tires here. Schiphol airport closed all except 1 runway and many planes were cancelled. Some people hoped that the snow and chill would permit the Elfstedentocht the famous Eleven Cities, 125-mile ice-skating canal race, the weather must remain cold long enough. We'll have to see about that. The Weather hasn't permitted that to happen in many years. Tomorrow extreme low temperature of -15 degrees Celsius is expected.

Last evening I did walk around the canals and made some photos of the snow in of my neighborhood. When it snows it’s light dusting and really beautiful. The steep bridges over the canals in Amsterdam are really slippery. ...especially for cars. The best way to travel in the snow is by bicycle, tram or walking. Tonight extreme temperature of -15 degrees Celsius is expected. The heavy snowfall is too bad for ice skating. Photo taken here at the Bloemgracht in Amsterdam. More snow expected these is coming weekend. Dutch houses in the Jordaan are relatively small and have prominent front doors and large windows. Many Dutch people do not close their curtains at night. According the old Calvinists there was a rule that good people should not have window coverings. They had another rule: do not look into other people’s windows. Well, of course. Trust the Dutch to come up with such impossible rules.

Amsterdam zat helemaal vast door zware sneeuwval. Het KNMI gaf woensdag 6 januari 2010 begin van de middag een weerswaarschuwing af voor extreem weer in Noord-Holland en Zuid-Holland maar vreemd genoeg geen alarm. In korte tijd viel er 10 tot 15 centimeter sneeuw. In combinatie met de avondspits was daar geen sneeuwschuiver of strooiwagen tegen opgewassen. Door de hevigheid was ook nog sprake van verminderd zicht zodat er erg langzaam werd gereden op de rijkswegen. Heel Nederland werd afgelopen week getrakteerd op een dik pak sneeuw. Dit leverde voor het verkeer de nodige overlast op, maar er was ook veel plezier zoals hier in Amsterdam. Kinderen grepen de kans met beide handen aan en gingen sleetje rijden. In en rond de hele stad stonden woensdag lange files door zware sneeuwval. Ook het openbaar vervoer ondervond zware hinder. De hele ringweg Amsterdam stond vasy met een file waarvan de langste 32 kilometer was. In de stad reden auto's stapvoets. Op sommige plekken kwamen automobilisten zelfs helemaal niet meer vooruit. Het vliegverkeer op Schiphol wordt ernstig gehinderd door sneeuwval. Volgens de luchtverkeersleiding was er slechts één baan beschikbaar. Nee, we zijn het niet meer gewend? We zijn de afgelopen 10 jaar gewoon sufgeluld door klimaat terroristen die ons voorgespiegeld hebben dat er nooit meer winters zullen komen en ook nog eens dat dat allemaal onze eigen schuld is ook nog.En nu één klein beetje zonne-inactiviteit en húp het is ineens gewoon weer winter...

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    So kool. I mean, an awesome capture.

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    what a beautiful photo!

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    Really great shot. I love Amsterdam all the time but the contrast of snow to the tones of the buildings is really quite brillant.

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    WOW! Beautiful

  12. Mr_Snapshot2001 55 months ago | reply

    I'm in love with the sheer number of bicycles pictured here. Thank you

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    Looking at the photo I feel both the cold Amsterdam night and the warmth behind the lit windows.

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    What a really gorgeous night view past the snow covered bikes to the dim shapes of the houses beyond :)

    And I liked your accompanying information :)
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