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Gusty wind blowing through the leaves

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What to expect during Thailand's Rainy Season - June to October:

* temperature still around 32 degrees Cecius.

* no rain for a week at a time

* night rain and clear days

* Torrential rains like above that last 30 minutes to 2 hours, then clearing and sun

* overcast days with little to no rain

* two to three days of partial rain in a week is, especially later in the rainy season


Even there's trouble in Paradise. Tropical storm arrived at Oaw Talong on Koh Mak. The whole serene scene changed suddenly into a dark dream. Wind gusting and blowing through palm tree leaves. We had to wait a half before we could continue our island exploring.


Wat te verwachten van het regenseizoen in Thailand - juni tot oktober:

* temperatuur rond 32 graden.

* geen regen voor één week

* 's nachts regen en droog overdag

* na tropische regenbuien zoals hierboven van 30 minuten tot 2 uur weer zonneschijn

* bewolkte dagen maar geen regen

* twee tot drie dagen in de week veel regen met name later in het regen seizoen.


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