Meeting the dragon of Koh Kut!

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    The Water monitor, Varanus salvator is a member of the monitor lizard family. They are large lizards growing up to 3 meters (9.8 ft) in length, but most adults like above are 1.5 meters long at most, Maximum weight of Varanus salvator can be over 75 kg, but most are half that size. Their body is muscular with a long powerful tail. Water monitors are perhaps the most common monitor lizards in Asia living in tropical forested areas. Water monitors are very opportunistic in their feeding, eating small mammals (like rats and monkeys), birds, reptiles, fish, insects, and carrion. Large adults can also attack deer. They are excellent swimmers, using their raised fin located on their tails to steer through fresh and salt water. Varanid lizards are very intelligent, and some species can even count as studied at San Diego Zoo. In Thailand, the word water monitor or actually local word 'เหี้ย' (hia) is used as an insulting word for bad and evil things including a bad person.

    On our way to the next bay we surprisingly met the dragon of Koh Kut! Sitting in the sand a 1.5m long lizard who eventually runs away into the rain forest of Koh Kut.

    De watervaraan komt voor in grote delen van Azië, en leeft in rivieren, moerassen en mangrovegebieden. Het mannetje van de watervaraan kan maximaal 3 meter lang worden. Daarmee is het een van de grootste hagedissoorten ter wereld. Het gemiddelde volwassen exemplaar is zo'n 1,5 meter lang. De staart is afgeplat en ze hebben grote sterke poten, waarmee ze zich verbazingwekkend snel kunnen voortbewegen. Wanneer watervaranen in gevaar zijn, kunnen ze met hun sterke poten zelfs in een boom klimmen. Watervaranen kunnen zo'n 15 jaar oud worden. De watervaraan is een carnivoor en niet erg kieskeurig wat betreft zijn prooi. De meest voorkomende prooien van de watervaraan zijn vogels, eieren, kleine zoogdieren, zoals ratten en muizen, vissen, hagedissen, kikkers, slangen, kleine krokodillen en schildpadden. Een watervaraan kan bij de jacht in het water tot wel 30 minuten onder water blijven.

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    1. Diana~! 80 months ago | reply

      wow, dat je die zo dichtbij hebt gezien.... heel mooi!! Wat een blik.

    2. Canoecat 80 months ago | reply

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      Impressively beautiful image!
      You deserve ANOTHER
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    3. willemdegroot 80 months ago | reply

      awesome close-up Ben and thanks for the info too

    4. HanslH 80 months ago | reply

      I saw this wonderful photo in

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      lief draakje, zou m zo een aai over z'n bolletje geven

    5. @nt!x 80 months ago | reply

      great focus!

    6. vetlife2005 80 months ago | reply

      the komodo dragon ?

    7. house4sail [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

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    8. Sash´s Kitchen-Studio Photography 80 months ago | reply


      love this little dragons

      thy eat everything
      even toothpaste

    9. prdsra 80 months ago | reply

      Compliments, I like it;
      Please add this photo to

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    10. chris.spins (OFF) 80 months ago | reply

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    11. rolfspicture 80 months ago | reply

      This brilliant photo is like a shooting star, splendid!
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    12. Big Cat Lover [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      Great shot

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      2 photos each day! Have a nice day!

    13. billionanderson [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      Nicely done!

    14. tatyveli 80 months ago | reply

      awesome close-up Ben, and youweren't afraidf so to see... but I think I'd be afraid to get close to these huge lizards :)

    15. melcir.meri 80 months ago | reply

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    16. ♥ Carol ♥ 79 months ago | reply

      Pretty scaring! Great capture!

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