Dharmagiri Retreatcenter
Here are some photos of our now named Retreat Centre - Dharmagiri Retreatcenter (which means 'The hill where the Dharma is practiced').

On Friday 11th of May 2007 we had for us a very special ceremony with Sangharakshita during his one week visit to Sweden. The first photos are from this occasion. The other photos are from different times (from August 2006 and onwards).

(old info:)
At last, after many years of search - especially the last almost 4 years more concentrated campaign - we have found a place to become our Retreat Centre, for VBV, Sweden. What the name will be we'll have to wait and see, but here it is. We have visited in three groups, the first on 26th of August and the last on 29th September, when we signed contracts. There are photos from both visits (and there will be more), with the softer light from the later meeting. Väster Bännbäck is a small spread out 'village' that lies 150 km west north-west of Stockholm. It takes exactly two hours to drive with car, from the city Centre. Here is a link to a map, if you'd like to see where it is more exactly hitta.se/ Search for: Väster Bännbäck 192, Sala, under VAR?

Will be back with more information soon.

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