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Camp Stahlman is named for E. B. Stahlman, Jr. of the newspaper the Nashville Banner. One of Boxwell's three resident camps, Camp Stahlman was designed and built as the reservations primary base camp and opened in 1960. It is the only camp to have a working kitchen and cooks food for all of the other camps, literally sending out truckloads of food at mealtime. Stahlman has been in continuous operation except for one year in 1979--the year of the Great Staff Switch, when Stahlman staff went to Craig and the following year stayed there while the staff for the closed Parnell went to Stahlman. Otherwise, Stahlman has seen more active Scouting operation than any of the other camps. For many years, Stahlman was also home to the reservation's pump house, where water was pumped out of Old Hickory Lake, purified and then sent out to a water tower to be distributed to the rest of the reservation. The pump house still exists, but is no longer used as the reservation moved to public water in the 1970s. The 1970s saw two other major changes as well for Stahlman. First the camp moved from a 9 week summer camp program to its current six week program and the capital campaign that built Camp Craig also built the program director's cabins and Trading Post/Handicraft sheds at Stahlman and Parnell. Stahlman also saw renovations to its kitchen and other physical facilities as part of the 1990s capital campaign and has recently enjoyed the other reservation renovations, such as upgraded shower facilities (private showers instead of group showers) and a staff shelter.