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"Quite some time before the pirates took space and owning a starship meant that you slept and pillaged in a rusted bucket of dirt and grime, the Spacenauts fought. They fought wars bloddy enough to make the sky red with envy. These wars were not of fun. But these wars lead to innovation. In the time before the Solar Gate collapse in 0045, people wanted sleek peices of art to fight with and dogfighting was time honoured tradition. Military mobile suits came before people flew into space, infact the Viper (pictured above) was one that used the torso and cockpit of a SKu-lll and added stablizing prongs and fins to allow for manuverability. Large engines were added to the backsides where small boosters once stood and glourious space operas written by aged pilots were written. One in particular, "Star Luster" took the people by their feet and swept them off to planets afar. Unfortunetly art is not used like it once was, and the military took it's turn by using the works to recruit eager young men wanting to risk their lives for causes they knew nothing about. This led to the destruction of the art of writting and to the unfortunet collapse of a goverment all too corrupted, however th-"


"Is that why we live in huts and caves, Professer Mellings?"


*chuckles* "Yes John, yes it is."



I've been wanting to try my hand at starfighters for some time now, and when the Ma.K contest came afoot I thought I might be able. Unfortunely time was against me then and in the month of Novvember. As I've always thought the cockpit of the SKu-lll was multipurpose I built a fighter around that, heavily inspired by .Tromas and his Falke. With the clouds out today I pounced on the chance to photograph this. Pardon the terrible black background, I've had the same one for over a year now.

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Taken on August 11, 2010