Kingston University Foundation Application
By nature, I am a perfectionist. Skill and technical excellence are of great importance to me, and this is where patience, persistence and diligence help me greatly to achieve a satisfying outcome to my work. Analysis and evaluation of past experiences are crucial to development, no matter what the medium, be it oil paint or Photoshop, so I critique my work carefully.
I actively participate in online art community life, which helps me share ideas and receive feedback from other creative people. An especially beneficial part of the community is participating in contests because it encourages me to work with unusual themes and working to strict deadlines.
My artistic influences vary widely, from modern Japanese culture (anime & manga) to more traditional figurative painters such as Euan Euglow and Hope Gangloff. I also have a deep appreciation of Alfonse Mucha’s decorative, clean-lined prints and contemporary CGI artists.
Working in Graphic Design is an ambition I have had for years, and it is with this in mind that I apply to do a Foundation in Art & Design, as I feel that experimenting with a wider range of materials and ideas would benefit me in becoming an innovative, conceptual thinker.
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