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ad hominem


this whole thing is like a Jules Verne novel. whatever lie has been told about me must be so outrageous, so fantastic -- reading over the comments on the new BB post, I can't even *imagine* what it could possibly be. these people have, and are still going out of their way to personally attack me, for no real reason except CYA. and they have apologised to no one, not especially me -- you know, the 'pile of sh*t' on the floor. they, each and every one of them, seem to vehemently believe that I have done something so awful, so horrible, that they can't even talk about it. so, that's either their party line and I'm a patsy, or they've been deeply, deeply lied to.


I had to have some fun with it. at least to stay sane.




what happened when it was pointed out that Boing Boing had removed all 78 posts referencing Violet Blue, as summarized by MetaFilter commenters, read by Violet Blue. also, I attempt to speak in 'disemvowel', which does not sound at all like Klingon. referenced:




** I put this together because people still ask me and people who know me what happened, and I still don't know, and I thought it was best described by commenters. since I filmed this, there was another post about it by BB, but it doesn't seem to be helping. to wit:

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Uploaded on July 20, 2008