White Stag - Made in Oregon - Portland, Oregon

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    Dusk over the Made in Oregon neon sign. Formerly the White Satin Sugar sign, then the White Stag sign, now the Made in Oregon sign. Portland, Oregon.

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    1. Dusty_73 80 months ago | reply

      Awesome sign and great shot of it!!

    2. Vintage Roadside 80 months ago | reply

      Dusty_73 - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed seeing it.

    3. Sparatik 79 months ago | reply


      I am a fan of Sigur Ros and involved with a project called 30daysontheroad.com (www.30daysontheroad.com) where we follow the band virtually throughout their N. America tour.

      My team and I would love to feature this photo of Portland on the site, for the main Portland image, with full credit to you of course.


      Send me some FlickrMail and let me know if this is possible, and if so, if the photo is at least 980 pixels wide. We hope to hear from you soon!

      //Nichole Girard

    4. Brambleiah 75 months ago | reply

      I love this sign so much. I love walking towards it across the Burnside Bridge at night with misty rain floating about. It really shows what Portland is all about. Independent do-it-yourself and very community oriented. We do what's best for us first. We care and love our city.

      I read in The Mercury at some point the people who moved into the building below want to put their logo on it..? Screw that!

    5. Vintage Roadside 75 months ago | reply

      Brambleiah - Great comment about the sign being a perfect representation of the city. It really is set perfectly above the bridge.

      I'm not sure if they'll change it or not. If they do it'll become the fourth version of the sign but I think the White Stag version is still my favorite.

    6. vgonash_831 74 months ago | reply

      This would be great for the Portland Sign group ;)

    7. Vintage Roadside 74 months ago | reply

      DJ - Thanks! I've added it.

      vgonash_831 - I'll be sure and add it, thanks!

    8. Gary Randall 72 months ago | reply

      This deserves the "White Stag of Excellence" Award.

    9. Lola_K 60 months ago | reply

      great place, perfect picture!

    10. Vintage Roadside 60 months ago | reply

      Lola K - Thank you!

    11. willemalink 59 months ago | reply

      I just returned home from a 2 week holiday to Oregon, and the last day in Portland I saw this sign when driving to our airport hotel. I returned in the early evening to take a picture when it would be lit, bummer... Thanks for your picture!
      Made in Oregon, downtown Portland

    12. Vintage Roadside 59 months ago | reply

      willemalink - Hope you enjoyed your time here in Oregon! Sorry you didn't have a chance to see the sign lit. Unfortunately the owner of the sign and the city of Portland are at odds at the moment.

    13. willemalink 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks VR! We had a great time travelling around in your State.
      Everyone seems to have a few old cars sitting next to their house, I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road!

    14. Vintage Roadside 53 months ago | reply

      The sign is being altered this week. The "Made In" is being replaced by "Portland". Drove by today and saw they have the "P" in place.

    15. Music Man2011 39 months ago | reply

      The sign has in deed been changed to 'Portland Oregon'
      Kind of a bummer, but it was a good compromise to keep it up.

    16. Vintage Roadside 37 months ago | reply

      suomynona - Thanks for the info. Will get it taken care of...

    17. Pete Zarria 37 months ago | reply

      Well made it is.

    18. Vintage Roadside 32 months ago | reply

      victor98 - Thanks!

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