Vintage White Tower matchbook

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    A great graphic on this matchbook from this almost-gone hamburger chain. I believe there is one left in Toledo, Ohio. (Thanks DJ)

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    1. theamericanroadside 106 months ago | reply

      I got a book about a dozen years ago that looked at all the "funny little men" logos that had been done around the world. Might have been published by Chronicle. Not sure if it's still in print, but it was great. This certainly fits the mold.

      Sliders for all my friends!


    2. Vintage Roadside 106 months ago | reply

      Hey Ron, he is a great looking character. If you run across the title of the book I'd love to know. I don't think I've ever seen that one. Chronicle has done some nice roadside and advertising titles over the years.

      I wish I had a bag of them now!


    3. 106 months ago | reply

      Is it the "What a Character!" book?:

      The only still operating White Tower that I know of is the one in Toledo. Still a number of buildings left though:

    4. Vintage Roadside 106 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the link Debra Jane. That looks like a great book. Probably pretty well weighted towards graphics and not so much the history but still a great reference.

      I had found this listing on a "junk food" website. So this one is no more?

      White Tower Restaurant
      East Fifth Street & Patter
      Phone: (937) 228-2721

    5. ~ Liberty Images 106 months ago | reply

      Very cool! What a terrific logo.

    6. 106 months ago | reply

      There are two former White Towers in Dayton. At 5th & Patterson -- there's the "Smokin BBQ" (shown at my link above, 2nd row).

    7. Vintage Roadside 106 months ago | reply

      Thanks Liberty - He was pretty great wasn't he?

      agilitynut - Thanks for the info regarding the White Tower situation. They sure had great little buildings.

    8. 106 months ago | reply

      You're welcome. Note the same logo on the preserved building in "captivity" in Baltimore:

    9. Vintage Roadside 106 months ago | reply

      Very cool. For some reason he reminds me a little bit of a skinny version of "Wimpy".

    10. loungelistener 106 months ago | reply

      Ooh, I'd love to have this matchbook. There's a former White Tower one block from my house. It's still going with good food, but obviously no longer a WT. I've known the owner for probably 20+ years... I'll have to ask her if she's got any White Tower stuff left over.

    11. Vintage Roadside 106 months ago | reply

      Gary - It's a great little matchbook. Nice that you've got a former one so close to your house. Any photos of the building? Who knows what kind of stash they might still have kicking around?

    12. loungelistener 106 months ago | reply

      Believe it or not, not a single one. I have been thinking that I need to talk to the owner about that though. I'd love to shoot the interior, which is still pretty original, and want to get her permission. I'm hoping she'll let me do it either before she opens or after she closes, so I can have the place to myself.

      Hmm... maybe with next week being slow at work, and my truck pretty out of commission for long trips, I should make that a project, eh?

    13. Vintage Roadside 106 months ago | reply

      That would be great to get some interior shots between business hours. Hopefully you can set that up.

      Is this the building near you? This photo is another gem from agilitynut's website:

    14. loungelistener 106 months ago | reply

      Yes, that's the one. Debra needs to plan just a little less into her trips... then she'd have had time to stop here for one of their great burgers and chili. :-)

    15. dinerhotline 106 months ago | reply

      I got a printer's block a few years ago with the character and the artdeco tower off ebay. I recreated the image (right reading) and I'll send it along

    16. Vintage Roadside 106 months ago | reply

      Larry - that sounds like a great find. I'd love to see the image.


    17. theamericanroadside 106 months ago | reply

      Debra Jane and Jeff -

      Here is a link I found to the book I mentioned, on Alibris.

      It actually is called, "The Funny Little Man." You may be able to find additional editions elsewhere....



    18. Vintage Roadside 106 months ago | reply

      Ron - Thanks for the link to the book you mentioned. I hadn't seen that title before. I've got it on our list of pending purchases.


    19. angelafaye 92 months ago | reply

      cool !! :D
      love the colours

    20. Vintage Roadside 92 months ago | reply

      Angela - I agree! The black & red is a great combination.

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