• really nice and sharp detail - Nikola IlIev
  • great sharp and nice detail - Nikola IlIev
  • ci sara un motivo se ha 210 commenti...sei bravissimo vincenzo....favolosi i colori nella notte - Simone Ostorero


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#1 in "most interesting" for Nikon D40 on 12/09/2009 :))

update 12/17/2009: no more in the "interesting", but it's climbing between the night shots!

300 comments?!? :D... never seen that number under my shots! Thank you all!! Grazie a tutti!! :)

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  1. robertopastor 73 months ago | reply

    Fantástica, muy buena.


  2. Anteriorechiuso Santi Diego 68 months ago | reply

    Ciao, mi farebbe molto piacere se ti iscrivessi al mio gruppo di architettura piemontese:


    per inserire questa ed altre tue bellissime foto architettoniche.


    Santi Diego

  3. artland 68 months ago | reply

    This is a wonderful shot!
    You are invited to post it to:


  4. Ala'a ♥ ~ 66 months ago | reply

    i love it !!

  5. davep.ictures 63 months ago | reply

    ...uno scatto meraviglioso... complimenti vivissimi! :-)

  6. Dedè. 63 months ago | reply


  7. D. Photos 63 months ago | reply

    Stunning night image!

  8. positive vibration... 60 months ago | reply

    impresionante captura , te felicito.

  9. Joan-Marie E 55 months ago | reply

    I like the light in this image and the way that you've framed the shot.

    Beautiful photo as seen in the group
    "Architectural Beauty !"

    Architectural Beauty !
    Please Invite other Architectural Favorites to this Group too !

  10. Tatyana_727_ 51 months ago | reply

    Amazing shot of my favorite country!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. PhotoCapturesbyJeffery 49 months ago | reply

    Just writing to let you know about this person on Facebook that is stealing images and then watermarking them as though they were his own.


    Also he knows he is doing wrong so off and on he will hide his pages.

    You may end up having to point this out directly to Facebook.

  12. Seòras 49 months ago | reply

    Please report this guy to Facebook for watermarking your wonderful photograph


  13. Vincenzo Giordano 49 months ago | reply

    Thanks a lot guys for reporting my that this guy had stolen my picture.... I really have no words about it..............

    Anyway, I reported it to facebook team and warning my friends about this guy....

    Thanks a lot again, I really appreciated your help! :)

  14. Frank Olsen 49 months ago | reply

    Just want to let you know your image has been stolen /abused: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=121055894732189&set=a...

  15. bodiegroup 49 months ago | reply

    Thanks for reporting him... it's the only way to stop those assholes.

    Great shot though... if I was a thieving scumbag... I'd swipe it. ;o)

  16. Hawkonefive 49 months ago | reply

    Your stolen image has been seen on facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spectacular-Images-%E0%AE%87Alp%E2%83%9F%E2%83%9Fi%DC%93/121053944732384

    please check our group out !! link below


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