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Day 5 - Ice

Jan 05, 2010 - "Ice"


I was walking back home after putting my son on the school bus this morning... and was marveling at the beauty of the Sun shimmering on the snow... when I noticed this icicle clinging to the side of our house. The Sunlight shining through it made it look like an entire universe was trapped within it's center! It made me feel both "giant" and "incredibly small" at the same time.


I snapped about a dozen photos of it... and a dozen more of patterns in the snow, before retreating to the warmth of home.


I chose this image to post, mainly because I like the abstract form of it... and it has a certain sense of "calm" and "stillness" that I think I need today (I'm not feeling too well).


Combine this image with yesterday's, and it would appear that I'm entering some sort of "Blue Period". Will that be confirmed tomorrow? We'll just have to wait and see!


* * *

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Taken on January 5, 2010