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Touring Oahu August, 1943

Nov 1943 bridge - Hilo B1 June 1945 Starting up the peak on Oahu (Iune) November, 1943 Foster Gardens Oahu (Nowemapa) Grand Canyon on Hawaii B1 November, 1943 (Nowemapa) Foster Gardens Oahu August, 1943 (‘Aukake) Entrance to Foster Gardens Oahu June 1943 (Iune) Old Volcano House B1 November, 1943 (Nowemapa) Honolulu Tabernacle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Oahu August, 1945 At the Volcano House B1 November, 1943 Touring HNP B1 November, 1943 Coastline Maui July 1945 Back of Haleakala Maui July, 1945 Zoo on Oahu November, 1943 Catholic Church Hana Way Maui August, 1945 Rugged Coastline Nov 1943 Catholic Church maui July 1945 - Does Anyone Know If this Building Is Still Standing? Dogpatch Hawaiian Style Maui July 1945 Morman Church Grounds Oahu June 1943 Touring Oahu August, 1943 The UK Ranch Queen, Maui in July, 1945

These slides and photographs are just one set from my "estate sales" collections. They were dusty, darkened, bent, underexposed and were destined to be trash. Through the help of Photoshop, they can be displayed once again.

Please feel free to leave any comments - your thoughts, impressions... It is happily appreciated!


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Paperglyphs says:

Thank you for sharing these! I live in Kihei and was searching for OLD photos of anything Hawaiian. It isn't easy to get the good stuff!
Posted 114 months ago. ( permalink )

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darkdsyre says:

Thank you so much! You have pictures of stuff in here that few have ever bothered to photograph, let alone keep! It is a fabulous find, and I am passing the link around to people I know will enjoy it! All I can say is Wow!
Posted 102 months ago. ( permalink )

carrie h~ [deleted] says:

these are really really special. thank you for finding them and bringing them to life! very inspiring...
Posted 101 months ago. ( permalink )

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