Lego Pinhole Camera

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    I'm taking a High School film photography course this year, and we had to do a research project and make a Pinhole camera. If you're not familiar with how they work, check out this article:

    Photography and Lego, being two of my big hobbies, I knew I had to combine the two and make a lego pinhole camera. The design is mine, however when I was researching online, I discovered this Shutter Mechanism, and decided to use a modified version of it in my camera:

    The camera breaks apart into the two pieces, and the light-sensitive photopaper goes in the back and is taped. The next picture shows examples of a few images I've captured with the camera.

    I've done extensive work to make it light-tight, but it's really still all pure Lego. It's only electrical tape lining the inside where I've found that light gets in.

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    1. <pdragon> 71 months ago | reply

      So this actually works? Amazing!

    2. BluTechnology 71 months ago | reply

      Superb. Just Amazing...make some Photos of your Mocs with that.

    3. Chase Lewis [Vid] 71 months ago | reply

      Pure plastic actually, but Metal Hardcore.

    4. 10z_fotografia [deleted] 71 months ago | reply


      Some photos of this camera??????????????????

    5. Steven Yunghans 70 months ago | reply

      Double walls of bricks from the outside to the inside of the camera, trying to cover seams between bricks. You can use thin strips to offset on the height of the bricks too. Do you get reflections off the pieces inside the body at all? A little sandpaper to the sides of the bricks might fix that.

      What did you use for the pinhole?

      Sorry, I've been a "semi-pro" photographer and have been some pinhole experience, including digital pinholes with my Nikon D50 and a body cap.

      Good stuff. Only wish I had enough Lego of my own to try something similar.

      Plus (easy) darkroom access. Haven't had that for a while now...

    6. Chase Lewis [Vid] 70 months ago | reply

      No reflections from the bricks thankfully. The double layers of bricks with the seams offset works really well, and like I said, I used black electrical tape where needed too.

      The pinhole is an aluminum (soda) can with just a tiny pinprick-hole in it. As far as I've learned, the smaller the pinhole, the sharper the image.

      Thanks! The dark room access for a period every day at my high school was really nice.

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