The Rig 2K9

I like video games.

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  • Shawn O'Brian 7y

    You are missing the Atari 5200 & 7800,
  • Shawn O'Brian 7y

    Oh, and Vectrex.
  • Evan Light 7y

    Aw come on. The Vectrix has it's own display! Well... ok, so does the Virtual Boy.
  • Kevin Simpson 7y

    I am still waiting for a compelling reason to own either the 5200 or 7800. And since I didn't have either growing up, it'll have to be better than "nostalgia."

    I'm also not really interested in a COMPLETE collection. For instance, I don't ever want to hunt down an FM Towns Marty.
  • waldopepper PRO 6y

  • Klara 6y

    Saw this shirt and thought of yooooooou.
  • Ryoga2K 6y

    have you ever noticed that Wall-E resembles the Virtual Boy a lot O_O
  • Austin H. Kapfumvuti 5y

    My son (5) was impressed with your collection! It's giving him ideas!
  • Dae Alexander 5y

    Are they all connected and have power?

    I dont see a sega CD. You can never get enough of Sewer Shark.
  • Kevin Simpson 5y

    Dae Alexander They are all connected, yes. And, look harder... there are two different Sega CD models in this picture! It is actually one of my most beloved systems.
  • Kevin Simpson 5y

    Austin H. Kapfumvuti Just tell your son my secret: collecting is easy! Just don't get rid of your stuff, and eventually, it magically becomes a valuable collection!
  • ellmoe2000 4y

    Nice collection!!! Makes me wish I would have held on to my systems.
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