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A Crescent Sun

After a morning of steady drizzle, early in the afternoon the sun had managed to poke thru the clouds enough to give me hope that the eclipse might be partially visible. But soon the sky grayed over and we settled into the couch to watch a movie during which the sky grew darker with clouds. When the movie ended it was just past maximum eclipse and as I headed into the kitchen I noticed a spot of sunlight on the floor coming in thru the window in the top of our west facing front door. After taking a quick peek outside with some safely sun filter binoculars, grabbed the camera and took a series of exposures. The clouds changed quickly making bracketing the shots more potluck than consistent but luckily I managed to capture a couple where the sun was not overexposed but there was still some detail in the surrounding clouds and a silhouette of the trees was still visible. Lightbox view. N62553

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Taken on May 20, 2012