Without TV / Sin TV

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    World of communications. Even in some poor countries, and poor homes, normal and parabollic antennas are most important. Can we live without TV? What would it bring to our lives?

    Un mundo de comunicaciones. Hasta en algunos países pobres, y hogares pobres, las antenas normales y parabólicas son de lo más importante. ¿Podemos vivir sin TV? ¿Qué nos aportaría a nuestras vidas?

    1. Fotologico 94 months ago | reply

      Me encanta el tono de la luz.
      Esas antenas son flores urbanas. xD

    2. Farl 94 months ago | reply

      for me, this is an astonishing scenery of modernity peeking out, curiously and stealthily.

    3. victor_nuno 94 months ago | reply

      Gracias, Fotologico, por la visita y el comentario. Entre estas flores y las famosas "setas", ¡tenemos ya todo un jardín urbano!

      I agree with you Farl :) Maybe it's because I work with computers, that I forget a little bit about this part, taking it for granted. As well, sometimes I think that technology takes away some place that should be occupied by humanity instead.

      This one, was a funny one, in Capadocia, Turkey:
      Everywhere, satellite antennas

    4. indahs 94 months ago | reply

      Nice picture...I can't believe that anthenas like this still being used in Europe! (In majority developing countries I knew, they are definetly still being used!)

      BTW, am fine without television for days, but without internet could make me upset sometimes...that's why we need holiday without these stuffs.. ;)

    5. ... Arjun 94 months ago | reply

      Great use of silhouettes to tell a story.

    6. venasdemas [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      Que buena está, lindo color. : )

    7. *blackRose* 90 months ago | reply

      great shot, toll ;-))

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