My Swedish house: front view in May 2007

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    1. Steffe 73 months ago | reply

      A lovely little house.

    2. victorious felines 73 months ago | reply

      Yes, it is. I loved that house from the very first moment I saw it, and I love it still, even though I had to sell it and move back to the U.K. - I always will love it, always! I still feel an emotional attachment to it; a very strong bond.

    3. altered dreams 72 months ago | reply

      This is one of the most beautiful little houses I have ever seen!!! I can't say enough!!! I just love it!!!!

    4. victorious felines 72 months ago | reply

      Yes, exactly.

      Unfortunately, the neighbours were not very nice. The guy across the lane ran an unlicensed MC workshop from his front yard (he had extended his garage enormously!) and the noise when he, and his customers, ran the engines of the motorbikes was unbearable. This is a very residential area, and all the comings and goings of the bikers, and the noise from the engines, completely ruined the set-up.
      It was no use complaining, because this guy was related to quite a few of the people around this little village. His uncle (his mother's younger brother) with wife lived immediately to the north of us, the other side of a low picket fence (which that neighbour wanted me to remove on the grounds that "There was never a fence there before.")!

      I had a lot of trouble selling my beloved house, mainly because of this. There is nothing you can do in a situation like that. The only solution is to sell and move away. I sold it to a family from Stockholm who wanted it as a second home, a holiday home, in the end. I got a pitiful sum of money for it too, in spite of having spent a lot of money on renovating and upgrading it.

    5. bluXgraphics(motorcycle design Japan)=Midorikawa 72 months ago | reply

      this is wonderful view
      I wish to live such a lovely house i future
      I think never come true!(^^;)

    6. victorious felines 72 months ago | reply

      Actually, what you described as "pink flower" in your comment to my Påsk photo is a Japanese acer "Bloodgood" - a type of maple from Japan, that has the most beautiful, rich red coloured leaves. I really loved that little tree. Look again, more carefully, and you will see that it is a tree - not a flower.

      Well, we don't have houses like this one here in England either. Sadly, I had to sell that house and move away from it for ever. I still love that house; it is the most charming, beautiful little house that I have ever seen. It is very special and it had quite a magic about it.

    7. bluXgraphics(motorcycle design Japan)=Midorikawa 72 months ago | reply

      Oh maple ! I think I know. (I am not good at flowers and trees)(^^;)

      you already sold.
      that is pity for me too
      You will get again! anything possible!!.

    8. Tweddlebugs 72 months ago | reply

      such a cute house! I love sweden!

    9. Retro Stitches 66 months ago | reply

      Oh my God, I love this house! It looks like something out of a fairytale book!

    10. victorious felines 66 months ago | reply

      Yes, it does. My beloved Swedish house - I only lived in it for not quite four years, sadly. For a number of reasons beyond my control I had to sell it and move back to England. Never again will I live in such a wonderful house in such a beautiful setting.

    11. Retro Stitches 66 months ago | reply

      Oh, don't say that! You don't know what the future holds for you! The house you live in is quite nice, too. Is there pictures of the inside of this house?

    12. victorious felines 66 months ago | reply

      Yes, Michelle, there are. Look in the set "My Swedish House" in my Photostream here on Flickr! I think there are a total of nine interior views currently in that set.

      The setting of this house was so lovely: there was a babbling brook along the rear boundary, and a small woodcopse to one side of my land. There were a great many trees, hedges and shrubs, and the atmosphere was so utterly tranquil and the air so fresh!

      Well, yes, our present house is nice, but it doesn't begin to compare! Also, it is in a very poor state of repair as it it had been neglected for about 30 years. The windows to the front are only single glazed and about to collapse; the wooden frames are completely rotten in places, and the leaded glazing panels urgently need renovation. This house needs a great deal of money spent on it; we bought a renovation project, as this was all we could afford here in England - we also bought it for the rear garden, which by British standards is quite large.

    13. Retro Stitches 66 months ago | reply

      Oh my, a babbling brook! I'd kill for one of those! I wish you well in renovating your home! I'm glad you have your priorities straight, large gardens are a definite must!

    14. victorious felines 66 months ago | reply

      Michelle, if you look at the other photos in this set "My Swedish House" you will see three very different photos I took of this sweet little babbling brook - also nine different photos of the interior of this house.

    15. LR Monkeytoes/ Lisa 65 months ago | reply

      Lovely little house. The neighbors sound dreadful!

    16. bg147 64 months ago | reply

      How quaint and thankfully not overdone

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