Relating to Geography (2013 - present)
Relating to Geography, a collaborative project between Victoria Stanton and Johannes Zits, starts with the premise that our surroundings are more than a passive backdrop. Staying away from references that venerate or fix nature in the realm of the sublime, while attempting to approach the built environment from an alternative perspective, we look into how movement and interactions can question the limitations imposed by dominant histories and constructs. It is our view that through acts of investigative exchanges between ourselves and the spaces we negotiate, that we may begin to open up and broaden a dialogue about our relationship to "place."

The first version of this work took place on Toronto Island at Artscape Gibraltar Point in August 2013. Relating to Geography 1, Toronto Island (Embodying Nature) was comprised of a series of segments that portrayed Johannes and Victoria in performative actions presented at once live and on video before an audience. Manipulation of surfaces upon which projections were shown were an essential part of the work – with site-specific actions done in the days leading up to the final presentation being “re-interpreted” and layered during the live component. Actions done initially for the camera considered our relationship to the built and natural environment, looking into how movement and interactions in public spaces can question the limitations imposed by dominant histories and constructs. The second version was presented during the Art Toronto Opening Night Preview, at the annual Toronto Art Fair. Taking a selection of chapters from the Toronto Island performance, Relating to Geography 2, Toronto (Art Toronto) was shown alternately at a designated kiosk with actions and projections and as a mobile performance, creating playful interventions into the entire area of the Fair.
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