Nostalgia Embotellada: lo que puedo y no puedo llevarme a casa / Bottling Nostalgia: what I can and can’t take home
Final performance (1 of 2) as part of the artist residence SimbiosisSymbiosis2012 with FRONDA in Real del Monte, Mexico, October - December, 2012.

This performance was an attempt to synthesize the extremely rich and complex experience of having spent two months in Mexico. How we encounter others, how we find our space and place in a new territory, how we embrace and integrate the landscape, architectural features, human exchanges – the nature and culture that surrounds us. And slowly feel a sense of “belonging.” Bottling Nostalgia was a visual poem, a love song to Real that started out slowly and subtly with a 2-hour walking performance (tracing the routes (some arduous) that were taken on a daily basis to get to and from the studio), eventually gathering around the empty fountain outside our studio to fill it up with the objects (food, water bottles and flower petals) that populated this intensive visit and that ultimately, I would have to leave behind.

With the participation of Fabián Barrón and the Norteño group Los Potros. Photos by Sharon Kallis.
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