FatherWork - MonTravail
3e impérial, Granby, QC, 2010 - 2012. FatherWork – MonTravail is an off-site interdisciplinary exploration in the town of Granby, QC that culminated in the production of a short film combining black and white Super8 footage and video and a colour photo series. Produced over a 16-month period in residence, going back and forth between the city of Montreal and Granby (and deeply informed by an important meeting with local inhabitant, William Poulin), the creative process interwove performance, photography and moving image - inventing a world inspired by the career of my father.

Drawing a poetic parallel between the archetypal figure of the traveling salesman and that of the nomadic artist - between my father’s life and my own life, the search for meaning via an investigation into this paternal relationship was re-formulated through a proposed trajectory across sites of transaction and transition. Simultaneously disjointed and coherent, the hotel room, the bar, the jewelry store, the photography shop and the audio equipment boutique became the containers for fragments that constructed a touching autobiographical fiction – films and photographs melding into the everyday life of these businesses, the spaces of a brief moment in time.
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