Solo exhibition/residence (in collaboration with Christian Richer) at Tenderpixel Gallery, London, UK, March-April 2010.

For this project, I collaborated with sound artist Christian Richer to produce a live, participatory installation of drawings and ambient aural textures. Gallery visitors were invited to bring an object to which to they felt an emotional attachment (from key-ring to crystal goblet). Together, me and guest chatted about the object's history and personal significance. We also sketched: individual and comparative interpretations of the precious object in question. No drawing experience was necessary! Perfect execution was not the purpose of this interaction - but moreover, about highlighting these fleeting moments of change and exchange. Christian recorded, and transformed these conversations into atmospheric tape loops, slowly building a soundtrack that accompanied the expanding collection of drawings. Connecting, recording, sketching, editing, broadcasting and affixing…constantly evolving and dynamic, our residency at Tenderpixel culminated in an immersive installation of playful images & evocative sounds: an eclectic collection of 'stuff'.
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