Roadside Attractions -Stills
Documented public actions done for the Roadside Attractions series of video-performances (2008-present).

I have trouble traveling. But as a performance artist it’s what I do – to show my work. Negotiating new terrain is the central premise of the proposed piece, Roadside Attractions, a process designed specifically for arrival in new locations. Focusing on parallels between performance and travel, the piece examines comprehensive states of "performative consciousness," investing "performative" presence within multiple spaces/times. It is a strategy for Being. Here. Now.

Within a residency structure I conduct performance research by carrying out and documenting several public "micro-interventions" that are carried out on the roadside around the locations where I am working and living. These are then edited into a video loop which becomes the backdrop for a 20-minute stage performance: projected video accompanies repetitive action (such as skipping), and is punctuated by live narration (anecdotal bits of text related to being in transit/in transition). Still rough around the edges, the video work indicates a hasty editing process, but the point isn’t to make a perfect, polished work, it is rather to underscore an urgency in production and presentation; to visually embody the disjointed process of “arriving.”
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