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Experimenting with "transactional performance" for some time, my recent experiences in residence have provided precious spaces within which to keep exploring an intentional embodying of “in-between” space. No matter what the final outcome is: whether photo, film, writing, drawing - or even a performance before an audience, the crux of this work is in the very encounters that take place between myself and another. Negotiating interaction in spontaneous encounters that don’t provide guaranteed outcomes. Meeting people and being fully present and available to the meeting. I realized how difficult it is to qualify or quantify such an invisible trajectory. How do you measure the experience? Where is the expertise? The art frame provides an invaluable context and a container within which to carry out this research – an extremely important, and delicate process of personalized social engagement. The joy comes from being able to push past the top layer of surface, to get to something that produces a profoundly consequential exchange. Something that can only happen through time – through having the luxury of time. Time spent doing. Time spent being. Time spent repeating. Being in a quotidian situation, over time, in a place with others. Being in residence. When time allows for the creation and repetition of a routine, the prospect of meaningful contact that is mutually exchanged and acknowledged becomes possible. Whether these are organically occurring routines, such as buying groceries, or consciously constructed encounters, such as inviting specific people to share their stories with me.

This ongoing research is a quest to keep learning how to: hold a space, appropriate and disrupt the quotidian, create spontaneous intimacy, tread vulnerability.

Investing a performative presence and consciousness within multiple spaces / times, to be able to underscore the complex aspects of “transaction” and the possibility for transformation.