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~Easy to see why it's a "Dead End"~ | by ~Sage~
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~Easy to see why it's a "Dead End"~

Found near the end of a back road on an Indian Reservation. A road they didn't want us on.


Something that happened today - we got sort of thrown off an Indian Reservation! I know it's soverign land and we were on some poor little roads that reminded me of something out of "Deliverance". One dead-ended at the water and when I say dead-ended, the end of road was punctuated with a sign painted red and full of bullet holes! A little way before there was part of another sign shot up also.


We got off that road and onto a worse road and stopped the car again. Driving a black Mercedes SUV makes me nervous in some places, and this is one of them. A beat-up pickup would have been a better choice. Anyhow, we both got out of the car and were each shooting pix. An old red pickup passed us once going one way, then it turned around and came back. I was in the road so smiled at the driver. Roger was up the road a way.


Next thing you know, another car comes from the direction the truck had gone, it pulled up next to me and stopped! An old Indian woman missing teeth, threatened that if the chief found us there, "there would be hell to pay!" She directed us off the reservation, thru some very bad back roads. Roger said, "I guess they just want us to come on the reservation to buy their gas and then leave!" Yeah, I guess so.

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Taken on October 30, 2006