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Hey guys! :) Miss me? I'm shocked that I can still uplaod a photo here even though I have 3 tests next week LOL. anyway, thought I'll do a long overdue tag!


31 Things I Like

1. Sunset

2. Self portraits at arm's length with friends

3. Sleep

4. Watching the clouds move in the sky

5. Freedom when I run in the park

6. Friends :)

7. Especially friends that act silly with me regardless of how embarassing it looks to others.

8. Wind

9. Beach!

10. Chocolate

11. Holding colourful balloons and taking pictures with it

12. Pretending to be a professional photographer and taking pictures for my friends while pretending they are supermodels.

13. Pretending to be a model :P

14. Realising someone with the same taste in music as me

15. Shim Changmin of TVXQ

16. Gakuen Alice :)

17. Flickr

18. Laughing my head off, not caring about how others think of me

19. Stop laughing, look at friend, and laugh all over again :)

20. Having fun in a class by being the one that makes the class fun :)

21. Camera.

22. Bokeh heh.

23. Raining while the sun is still out, and showing rainbows.

24. Having time on my side. Priceless. ;)

25. Laughing so much I get a stomach ache.

26. Singing love songs and hoping it will happen in my life ♥

27. Japanese language ♥

28. Money money money LOL

29. Travelling. (I hope I can go to Europe and Korea someday :3)

30. Tom Felton heehee ♥

31. Holidays ♥♥♥


TAG you're it! :)



I have many ideas but never had time to do it, including this one. This is so booooring, but I love the simplicity. I hope you guys do too! :)

I'll try to do the other tags soon ♥


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Explore #5!!!! OMG EEEK HIGHEST EVER :) Thank you guys!

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